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How can I check my email from a different computer?

A great site to visit is www.mail2web.com just enter your email address and password to view your email.


I use Outlook Express which allows me to set up several different email accounts. Select TOOLS from the menu and then ACCOUNTS and then select the mail tab and select the ADD button and follow the steps. Outlook Express also allows me to check messages on my Hotmail account, select TOOLS from the menu and then NEW ACCOUNT SIGNUP.


You may not want to set up your email account to view on another computer because anyone using that computer could view your messages. If you have a Hotmail account already you can set it up to check for messages on your home internet account also as long as they use standard POP servers. This way you can check your email using any computer connected to the internet by simply going to www.hotmail.com and signing in.


If you are using AOL you cannot use Outlook Express to check your email messages, however, you can use the internet to go to AOL at www.aol.com and type in your screen name and password to check your email.