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Is there a way to prevent my kids from messing up my settings?

Yes, and the best part it is FREE!


Windows SteadyState is a free of charge download for Windows XP and Windows Vista that can help protect your family from inappropriate Web content and contact on the Web. Windows SteadyState also protects your computer settings from unwelcome changes by your children.

Windows SteadyState can return your family computer and hard disk to the condition it was before your children changed it. You just restart your computer.

Restrict access to programs and settings

If you're a parent, you can use Windows SteadyState User Settings to customize the family computer and help make it safer and easier for you and your children to use.

For example, to help ensure your children donít use the Internet without your knowledge, you can create a user profile and restrict their access to Internet Explorer,Windows Messenger and other programs on the family computer.

If you don't want your children to change settings on the computer, you can simply restrict their access to Windows management features such as the Control Panel.

With Windows SteadyState, you can create multiple user profiles and set a different level of restriction for each child.

Return your computer to its original state

When children use the family computer, they might accidentally change important settings or download spyware ,viruses, or other unwanted software. The Windows Disk Protection feature in Windows SteadyState helps you prevent these changes from causing any permanent damage to the hard disk.

When you have Windows Disk Protection turned on, you can simply restart your computer to return Windows SteadyState to the condition it was in before the last user touched it. Windows SteadyState can clear all the changes made during the last user session, including installations of viruses or spyware, or deletions of critical system files.

Control your childís experience

You can use Windows SteadyState to help control how your children interact with Windows, other programs, and the Web. For example, you can remove items from the Start menu for your childís user account, which simplifies your childís computing experience and can help protect your computer from unwanted changes. You can also choose which Web addresses your child can visit and block your child from opening specific programs through the Start menu.

With Windows SteadyState, you can also enforce time limits on your child's sessions on the computer.

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